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Jeff Busha PT, MBA, MS, COMT, OCS

Jeff Busha PT, MBA, MS, COMT, OCS

Jeff Busha (pronounced Boo-Shay) is the owner of Physical Therapy Specialists and started the practice in 2004. He is from Michigan originally and has resided in Indiana since 1995. He graduated from Wayne State University School of Physical Therapy in 1995 and since then has completed a Masters of Science, Master of Business Administration, and a Doctorate degree. He also holds a certification in orthopedic manual therapy from the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy and a board certification as an orthopedic physical therapy specialist.

In addition Jeff has advanced training in osteopathic manual techniques from Michigan State University School of Osteopathic Medicine including: Muscle energy technique, Cranial sacral, Becker fulcrum technique, Functional technique, Myofascial release (Direct and Indirect), and Visceral manipulation. He is also trained in and heavily uses listening techniques and treatment sequencing.

Early on in his career he was greatly influenced personally and professionally by Gary Gray PT in the area of functional exercise and biomechanical analysis.

Jeff has also developed his own system of manual therapy techniques focused on utilizing the nervous system to inhibit muscle tone on a local and global level.

Jeff is also certified in ASTYM and was trained when the technique was in its beginnings at Ball Memorial Hospital.

In his free time Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, doing home improvement projects and water sports.