About Us

Physical Therapy Specialists prides itself on GETTING RESULTS for even the most complex and chronic problems through our unique and specialized approach. As our name states we are specialists in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. We believe everyone should have his or her own physical therapist for a lifetime, whatever problem arises.

Our training is unique to very few physical therapists in the country combining orthopedic manual therapy, osteopathic manual therapy, as well as, other forms of manual therapy and functional exercise.

This allows us to use a wide variety of techniques to assess and treat our patients, even for the most complex neuromusculoskeletal problems. This fundamental difference allows for reduced treatment times, lower cost, better outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction.

In many cases by the time a patient come to our door they have failed many different types of treatment. They have heard we GET RESULTS and can see we are different from the first treatment.

This is why we are the clinic with the reputation of GETTING RESULTS!